Alpha 60: Together we will rule the galaxy!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are doing fantastically well, we are launching a new version today with a lot of improvements, I hope you will enjoy playing this patch!

New additions
  • Assignments have been added and we integrated a full quest-line! The quest-line is here to serve as a tutorial.
  • Your ship now houses an assignment panel allowing you to check your progress with more details than the HUD assignment tracker.
  • Some items will now be more valuable depending on where you sell them, allowing you to engage in business
  • The bridge of the ship can now be used to report issues or answer our surveys
  • A speed special effect has been added to the bridge’s window
  • New stun bomb model and animation
  • New model and animation
  • The Multiplayer now enables you to join others in battles throughout the galaxy! (Only the host can access the ship and trigger quests, resources are shared)
  • All factions have new emblems
  • The Acid Spitter weapon cores have been added to the game.
  • Right clicking on the space map now allows you to pan the camera
  • New sound effects for victory and defeat
  • New iteration of the event UI
  • All placeholder icons are gone
  • New ship propulsion vfx
  • The ship’s radar range is now invisible
  • Ships will keep flying without fuel (at 30% speed)
  • The prompt to refill you fuel and food reserve when leaving a planet or a space station will now only appear when one of them is below 50% to avoid spamming
  • New BGM for hatcheries
  • The countdown in rifts will now stop after the boss’ death
  • New dialog UI
  • The option menu now let’s you adjust the text size
  • Pressing esc on the space map will instantly transfer you to the bridge
  • Escape events will only trigger when kidnapped/imprisoned
  • New fade in and out effect for all objects in the star map
  • Your weapon reticle will now shrink when running
Bug fixes:
  • Infinite treasure chests are no longer a thing (chests don’t go brrrrrrrrrrrr)
  • Playing with a large FOV will not make you dizzy anymore
  • Items should now be picked up correctly
  • Choosing to answer the survey will close the game as intended
  • The sound in the hotel cutscene will now be adjusted with your audio settings
  • And many more bug fixes!!

We were a bit late for this patch, we'll try to release future updates on time!

Take care of yourself,
Anthony and Freeman