Update 62: Live concert on the bridge!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being late sending this patch note. This update has been released on the 2nd of October.

-Added Navia pirate fortresses
-Added Mission GPS
-Added Stargates that can temporarily teleport you to the closest planet city
-Completely redisigned and replaced the Game Icon and Logo!!!
-Added a speedometer on the bridge (in the front), you can also choose between normal, eco and power mode
-New multiplayer Emotes (Tab key to pop the UI)
-Replace the capsule model
-Removed PEM wormhole from the Rifts
-Increased the size of the HUD shortcuts and added the Emotes shortcut icon
-Modified the main story and dialogs
-Made some changes in the trading prices
-Polished loads of stuff!!!
-Fixed tons of issues!!!

Take care of yourself,
Yoko & Freeman