EFAS Admiral&

EFAS Admiral's pack

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Admiral's Pack

Get immediate Closed Alpha and Beta Access, and stand out with exclusive digital items fit for an admiral.

 This pack Includes : 

  • Immediate Alpha access
  • Your name in the credits.

  • Our honest eternal gratitude.

  • Permanent Activation Key when the game launches

  • Participate in surveys and vote in polls for the ideas you want to see in the game  

  • Digital Wallpaper Pack

  • Digital Soundtrack

  • Backer Role on Discord

  • Digital Codex

  • Your unique backer number that everyone can see in-game. The earlier you become a backer, the smaller your backer number.

  • Exclusive Closed Alpha/Beta Access Code, so you can start playing right away

  • The Gorilla custom Exo Suit for your character

  • The Tigress Class Velocibike, a special type of hovercraft for you to pilot in game

  • Admiral's title and profile picture frame in game

  • Digital concept art booklet


Note: all of the digital items above are for backers only, and are not available to the general public. Digital items are cosmetic in nature and may have small functionalities that don't alter the balance of the game. They will be delivered at a later date.

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